Liaison Officers
Each IARU Region 3 member society is required by the Constitution to appoint a Liaison Officer. The Constitution says:
Liaison Officer

11. Each member society shall at all times be represented by a liaison officer whose appointment shall be notified to the Secretary in writing. Each liaison officer so appointed shall as far as possible be a radio amateur and a member in good standing with the member Society represented.

Duties of Liaison Officer

12. Other than at a conference, all views of a member Society shall be presented by its Liaison Officer and all correspondence to a member Society shall be directed to the Liaison Officer. He shall notify the Secretary of the vote of his Society on any matter submitted for the vote of member Societies.


Every Society has two important liaison tasks:

  • To keep contact with the IARU Region 3 Secretariat through an IARU Society Liaison Officer whose duties are given in the Constitution.
  • To keep contact with the administration of the Country through a senior officer in the Society or by a separate Administration Liaison Officer.

In some societies, these tasks may be for the same person, or in a small society, by the President.

At the 11th IARU Region 3 Conference held in Darwin in August 2000, a Workshop was held to discuss the tasks of these Liaison Officers and also to consider the promotion of Amateur Radio.

Two PowerPoint displays were used. One is about the Administration Liaison Officer and the preparation of submissions by a society for presenting to its administration. The other is about promoting Amateur Radio. These two display files are available here for you to download.

A hand-out paper was distributed at the Workshop to support the display about the task of the Administration Liaison Officer and the preparation of submissions. This too is here for you to download.

A further display file, about the task of the IARU Liaison Officer, is in preparation and will be available from here when completed.

PowerPoint files are available for downloading.

One file has 12 slides and the other has 14 slides. Use the "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys to manually progress through the displays at your own speed.

Both files are designed to support a live speaker but no speech notes are provided.

You can customise these files for display to groups of radio amateurs. Add new slides, delete slides, alter the wording and add new graphics as you require.

You must have PowerPoint 97 or later, or the free viewer to run these files.

So download them - and enjoy the display!

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