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World Radiocommunication Conference - 2003

Implementing the "new" Article 25
A Workshop on "Implementing the new Article 25" was held during the 12th IARU Region 3 Conference at Taipei in February 2004.
The message from that workshop:
  a) The new Article 25 of the ITU International Radio Regulations has been in force since July 2003 - so it is current NOW!
  b) Societies should now be negotiating with their own administrations to be sure that the best arrangements can be provided for the radio amateurs of their country. This matter deserves priority.
The new Article 25 brings new opportunities for Amateur Radio. Your local regulations and local rules for amateur radio should reflect these opportunities.
These documents were referred to during the workshop:
  1. RESOLUTION 03-1 of the IARU Administrative Council.
(Concerning the implementation of the revised Article 25 of the international Radio Regulations.)
  2. A comparison between the text of Article 25 before the WRC-03 conference with the text after the WRC-03 conference. This new text of the International Radio Regulations is in force NOW.
(This document shows the text of both the new Article 25 and the old. The new version lists the opportunities that are possible NOW.)
  3. A study paper by Michael Owen VK3KI: "Some Issues arising from the Revision of Article 25".
(Points to consider when seeking local regulation changes.)
  4. Document No. 04/XII/068 of the 12th IARU Region 3 Conference: a paper from NZART: "Implementing the "New" Article 25 in New Zealand".
(An example of how one country is adopting the new changes.)
  5. The circular letter from the IARU Region 3 Secretary, Circular No. G/08/03T dated August 5, 2003 and its attachments.
(This document is for reference purposes. It records the work prior to and during the WRC-03 conference on the issues of importance to the Amateur Service.)
Societies are recommended to study these documents, to plan their own strategies and to seek early changes to their local regulations.
Enquiries may be directed to the Region 3 Secretariat.

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